Bedford Hydrostatic Drain Testing

Do you need Hydrostatic Drain Testing for your plumbing drains in Bedford Texas? With cracks in your foundation, Sheetrock, bricks or floors it could be time for Hydrostatic Drain Testing for plumbing leaks. The Hydrostatic Drain test involves plugging off the drain system where it comes out from under the building. Then we fill the pipes with water to check for leaks usually to the level of a shower or commode flange. If the water falls from this level that is an indication there are leaks under the slab.

Different Types of Two Way Cleanout TeesHydrostatic Drain Testing Clean-outs

When we do a hydrostatic drain test we need a proper clean-out. The test balls need to be upstream where we can see if the test ball is holding the water in the drain system and not leaking.  We need either a two way clean-out tee or two combination tees turned towards each other.

Hydrostatic Drain Testing and Isolation

If a leak is discovered in the drainage system after the hydrostatic test is complete then isolating the leak is the next step. This step requires place test balls in the drainage system at different points to isolate each section to find the area that is leaking. Once we find the leaking area we isolate sections to try and pin-point the leak. A video camera and hydraulic test hose is necessary to locate the test at the proper points for the testing.

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