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plumber repairing outside faucet
Outside Faucet Repair Specialist Company

We specialize in outside faucet repairs; frost proof sill-cocks, PVC and brass. Call 817-447-2654 for outside hydrant repairs in your yard. We are plumbing experts when it comes to your plumbing repairs. If your faucet plumbing repairs involve corroded pipes and they are in need of replacement, the best choice is for us to replace the old lines before they begin to leak. For outside hydrant repairs, garbage disposal repair, or any other plumbing need we are glad to help you.

D.I.Y Outside Faucet Frost-proof Sillcockoutside faucet repair

#1 turn off the water supply to the outside faucet, #2 remove the handle, #3 remove the nut, #4 remove the packing (some packing is rubber some Teflon and you may need a pointed tool to remove), #5 twist the stem with the handle to pull it out, #6 now you can replace the washers and o-rings and re-install.

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Fort Worth Repair Plumber VideoWe are glad to help you with any plumbing project you may be undertaking or any plumbing repair needs. YIf you have questions or need additional help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our expert plumbers are experienced in all types of repairs. Let a Fort Worth Repair Plumber help you with your outside faucet repairs today!Fort Worth Repair Plumber Give Us A Callphone number

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